I am Lam Tungwar ...

I was born on 27 of august 1983 in kalja village of Bentiu in Southern Sudan. War broke out in in Southern Sudan in 1983. In 1989 I was taken by the military to join the rebellion at the age of 7. Since the war broke out and I joined the rebel group of Southern Sudan I was a child soldier for 3-4 years.

That started a journey during which I didn’t meet my parents again until 2003, when I saw my father for the first time in 14 years. After our unit was spread apart by the fighter, a few buddies an I started the trek to Kenya where I became a refugee in Kakuma camp, in the north of Kenya in East Africa in 1993.

I started school for the very first that year, and continued until I was able to speak and write English and Kiswahili. Then 2002 i finished my secondary school and start my career in music which starting my undergraduate degree at African Nazarene University

In the year 2006 I release my first single call ‘Child Soldier’ with a book which is my biography by the same name. Now my album is going places, as I personally also have had the opportunity to participate in the biggest campaign for the youth in Southern Sudan through educational initiatives.

I was also appointed a UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth (MOT) HABITAT representing the Youth in Kenya and Sudan, talking about the drug abuse, youth Empowerment, and poverty. I have been delivering positive messages through concerts, meetings, conferences and campaigns and in various activities representing the voices of young people. I am working for the liberation of youth and and fight for them in this tough world. My second album, Call the President, is talking a lot about the changes I want to see in our communities all over the world.




December  4, 2010

Miss Malaika Beauty Pagent

Juba Southern Sudan

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Lam urges young people to vote in Southern Sudan independence referendum

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